Can I make changes or remodel my leased residence?

Please contact WREA (Williams Real Estate Advisors) for written approval prior to beginning any work. Modifications to your unit without written permission are strictly prohibited. Changes or remodel include but are not limited to: painting the walls a different color, changing the carpet or flooring, putting a permanent fixture up, etc.

A pipe is broken, the toilet is overflowing, or there is a major electrical problem. What should I do?
Call our office immediately at 310-987-7979 x 2 or your resident manager. This will allow our team to respond quickly and minimize any damage. If you have a life-threatening emergency or fire CALL 911. After you have contacted the authorities, please notify us of the situation as soon as possible. IF YOU HAVE A GAS LEAK CALL SO CAL GAS AT 1-800-427-2200.

What is considered an emergency?
An emergency is a serious problem that will cause a safety hazard to residents or imminent damage to the property. Emergency conditions such as broken pipes, overflowing toilets, flooding, or sudden electrical short cannot wait until the next business day. If you have a life-threatening emergency or fire CALL 911. FOR A GAS LEAK CALL 1-800-427-2200.

What about visitors? How long can they stay?
Please consult your lease.

My apartment needs some maintenance work, what should I do?
Fill out a maintenance request (http://williamsrea.com/maintenance-request/) and our team will do the rest. We will contact you and let you know when the work will be will be completed.

Will I be billed for my repairs and/or maintenance?
If a resident or their guest caused the damage being fixed, then the lessee will be billed for repairs. (EXAMPLE – Garbage back up or plumbing issues due to tenant’s negligence.)

My roommate is leaving and I am staying. What should we do?
If you are Month to Month, your roommate must notify us in writing thirty (30) days prior to departure. The deposit check is tied to the apartment and will not be returned unless all tenants on the lease vacate at the same time.

How do I replace roommate on my lease?
All tenants must be approved by WREA in writing. New lessee must fill out a new application and be approved by our office. Any additional roommates found in residence without written permission may be a cause for eviction or a rental increase.

I need to move but my lease isn’t up. What should I do?
Please call us immediately and follow up in writing or via email. Let us know the exact date you plan to vacate the premises. You are responsible for the rent through the end of the lease term or through the start date of the new tenant’s lease. You are further responsible for costs for WREA to find a new tenant, including leasing, advertising, and repairs. Any assistance you can provide in locating a qualified replacement to lease your apartment could save you time and money.

My lease has ended and I would like to move. What should I do?
Thirty (30) days prior to the end of your lease, you are required to give notice in writing or via email to welcomehome@williamsrea.com. Hand deliver a letter to your resident manager or send it via the US Mail to the WREA office.

When is my rent due?
1st of the month.

What is a Security Deposit?
A security deposit is held by the landlord to repair any damage caused to the property by residents and/or guests during their lease period. This security deposit is not used for ordinary wear and tear on the apartment.

When do you return my security deposit?
Your deposit will be mailed within 21 days after you move out. If any deductions are made, we will give you a written statement and refund the balance.